One thought on “Unbelievable..

  1. That’s really awesome that his mother never treated him like he was handicap. It really helps you not to feel less capable of what everybody else can do.
    In my experience of having uncontrolled seizures for 19 years my parents have never treated me like I was disabled. Instead they had the same standards for me as they did for my brother and now people who meet me would never think I have seizures unless I told them.
    In a child development class that I once took they did touch on the topic of children with disabilities. The teacher I had pointed out that it wasn’t a good thing to separate the students with disabilities from the students who didn’t have them because children learn best by example and may not develop normal behavior. I don’t know how true that is but from my own experience I feel that if I was separated from students without disabilities it wouldn’t have helped me both academically and behaviorally.

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