The people I meet….

One benefit to working at my hotel is that we have a lot of fairly famous people stay with us that I get to meet. I thought it would be fun to try and make a list and remember everyone that I’ve met since I’ve worked here. I know I can’t get them all but I’m going to list as many as possible.

BTW, the vast majority are athletes:

Reggie Jackson – Mr. October, Hall of Fame Yankee’s baseball player
Gale Sayers – Chicago Bears running back
Bart Starr (by far the coolest, he mailed me an autographed picture and personalized letter!) – Hall of Fame, Green Bay Packer Quarterback
Danny Manning – Kansas Basketball player
Tim Floyd – Former NBA Coach
Ed Hockalee – NFL Referee
Roy Williams – North Carolina Football Coach
Bill Self – Kansas basketball coach
Gary Pinkel – Missouri Football Coach
Dan Saleamua – Former Chiefs football player
Clark Kellog – ESPN Basketball analyst
Andy Katz – ESPN Basketball analyst
Brent Mussberger – ABC College Football analyst

Selah – Christian band
Switchfoot – Christian Band (I got all their autographs and got to help unload their bus, I thought it was very cool!)
Lincoln Brewster

Richard Gephardt (it’s a good thing he didn’t win the nomination because he was a jerk!)

The Big Show
A bunch more that I can’t remember because I don’t like wrestling! 🙂

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

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