The God Debate

Rick Warren and Sam Harris

In the upcoming issue of Newsweek Magazine, Rick Warren and Sam Harris, a prominent author, atheist and Ph.D. student, sit down in Warren’s office for a 4 hour discussion about God, faith and the Bible. Warren does a tremendous job, I think, and I would highly encourage you to read the article. Warren is often skewered in conservative, evangelical circles (unjustly so, in my opinion) but he holds nothing back in this article.

For humor’s sake, my favorite line in the article is this: “There is a home for atheists in the world today—it’s called North Korea. I don’t know any atheists who want to go there.”

You can do so here.

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3 thoughts on “The God Debate

  1. I thought this question was from Newsweek interesting.

    “Sam wrote that without death, the influence of faith-based religion would be unthinkable.”

    If I understand this summary correctly Sam means that religion would not exist if death were not such an insurmountable issue of life to deal with.

    I find this ironic considering that death is a vital and pivotal role in the evolutionary model. Without death, evolutionary mechanisms would not exist.

    So if death is the cause of religious thinking and evolution is dependent on death for it to function, does that make evolution responsible for religious thinking? Hmmm.

    Pursuing Answers to Questions of Faith & Life


    P.S.–I thought Rick did very well.

  2. Kelly-

    Good question. My guess would be that Sam would offer some sort of untenable answer that evolution is bringing about the eventual demise of religion.

    Good stuff, nonetheless. 🙂

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