3 thoughts on “Tebow wins Heisman!!!

  1. I had a great time watching this guy. He was funny. I think he thanked God and Jesus three times and said several times that he was proud to be a Gator.
    I got several things from his speech: First, he’s truly very thankful — that’s huge. Second, he’s got his priorities right. I loved how he said football came after Jesus, his Family (and something else — football was fourth on his list I think). Clearly, he comes from good stock — his story was moving.
    I thought it was cool to hear Herbstreit say that Tebow was probably one of the best Heisman winners he’s seen.
    I truly appreciated it, and I’m glad he won.

  2. That was a great piece that ESPN did with his family. I loved one of the things that Urban Meyer said about him. “He treats women with respect”. I thought that said a lot. There were so many nice things said about Tebow and his family but that was one that really struck a cord with me. Also the part where he talked about Danny being his role model was a great testimony to the fact that when you do things in a way that is pleasing to God instead of doing what everyone else is doing you are making a difference in someone’s life whether you know it or not.

    After the presentation was over I had to stop and pray for Tebow. I know now more then ever he will be under a microscope. He has been a great model for what a christian student athlete can be and I pray that he is able to stay strong in that commitment.

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