Take me out to the ballgame…

There are very few things I enjoy more than a day out at Kaufman Stadium watching the Royals, especially when we’re completing a sweep of the Tigers. πŸ™‚ I thought I’d put up a few pictures that we took this afternoon.

This first pic is of Tracy and I after the game was over.

This next shot is of Royals young phenom, Billy Butler, as he takes a swing.

This third is of the team as they’re preparing for the 9th inning.

This final picture is Tracy and I along with our friends Ricky and Ashley who went to the game with us.

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

14 thoughts on “Take me out to the ballgame…

  1. Martin-

    You must not know me well. πŸ™‚ Diehard is probably putting it lightly in reference to my love for the Packers.

  2. Blue…Must be referring to the Cardinals’ road uniforms, huh? Anyway, I’m glad you and Tracy had the chance to get away and take in the game.

  3. Steve-

    As I recall, the Cardinals haven’t worn the powder blue in a long time, in fact I believe it has been since they lost the World Series to the Royals that they wore them. Isn’t that close to correct?


  4. How ’bout them Royals? Annetta Marie and I were at the game on Mother’s Day. Actually she has taken a part time job selling tickets there in addition to her teaching responsibilities.

    If we could just schedule the Tigers for some additional games, I think we’d have it made. We seem to have their number this year.

  5. Micah –

    I was going to chime in and suggest that you re-examine your Christian walk in light of your love for the Royals (you can’t love Christ and “THAT” team, can you?).

    But now that I see you’re targeted for extinction by the MBLA, I’m inclined to support you in spite of this obvious flaw in your character!


    Charles Brazeale
    Neosho, MO

  6. I understand they’re considering renaming the stadium Don Denkinger Memorial Stadium. Anyway, I am happy you’re so royal to the Loyals, Micah. That’s admirable πŸ™‚

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