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Well, today was a big day for me. After researching smartphones, I finally decided which phone I wanted to purchase. The Blackberry Curve 8330 is going to be my new phone. So with great anticipation I traveled to the local Sprint store to acquire it. Unfortunately, they were out of stock. A bit down, but still excited, I headed over to Best Buy to check out their selection only to be a bit more depressed to find out that they too were in short supply. Heading back to the office I placed a call to the national Sprint store only to hear that they too were out of said phone. Taking one final chance I went online and perused the Sprint website only to confirm that, yes, the entire company is currently out of 8330s. For most of you this is not altogether sad news, but trust me as a bona fide geek and one who loves anything that can sync with my laptop, this was not a fun afternoon for me. 🙁

So, I’m currently on a waiting list to be notified as soon as Sprint has some more in stock. Until then I continue to make do with my Katana. Oh well, life is full of little disappointments, right?

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

8 thoughts on “Smartphone update

  1. Beware Sprint “customer service”. Run away, run far away…
    Not only was the iPhone worth getting to me because…well, because it’s an iPhone…but I was SO GLAD to be done with Sprint.
    Maybe it’s just me.

  2. Let me just say, that the wait will be more than worth the frustration your feeling right now… I have owned the Curve for quite a while now, and coming from using Windows Mobile, I feel like I’ve been reborn again. 🙂 Blackberry’s programming and applications are far superior to Windows, and extremely fast in comparison. You will love it, Micah!!! Also we can Blackberry Message… This is a really cool feature, and it’s free…

  3. I was interested in smart phones but had never even held one until my vacation when I got to use my father-in-law’s Blackberry Curve. It was fantastic and I was able to pick up on it pretty quickly. If my Kyocera KX440 would ever die then perhaps I could get a Blackberry. I bought it because it seemed like it would be hard to kill, but after 4 years, that feature is not so exciting anymore!

  4. Paul-

    I know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately most of our family uses Sprint and so the savings overrides the bad customer service. I’d love to switch to Verizon, however.


    And message we will…. 🙂


    Don’t play with it to much, man. It can become an addiction. My wife used to ridicule me for my love of smartphones. Now she’s hooked and can’t wait to get a Palm Centro. I laugh every time I think about it.

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