Reflections on the Presidential election

As I have been reflecting on the election of Gerald Davidson I have been asked whether that election accurately reflects the temperature of the convention concerning whether the convention is going to tend towards the side of the Save Our Convention group over and above the strategies of the Missouri Baptist Laymen’s Association. After thinking through it, I am unconvinced that it at all reflects the temperature of the convention. While it may, it also may simply reflect the name recognition of Davidson against the relative unknown quality of Mike Green. The true test of philosophical viewpoints will be during the next election, I am convinced, as well known MBC pastor Jay Scribner (who is typically assumed to be on the side of the MBLA candidates) is placed in nomination against Bruce McCoy who is currently the Vice President and who is part of the SOC slate of candidates. If McCoy wins reelection it can probably be assumed that the philosophical position of the SOC has taken the day.

We will have to wait and see. 😉

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

8 thoughts on “Reflections on the Presidential election

  1. Wow. (again). I’ll continue to pray for our convention as the delegates work. Thank you SO MUCH, Micah, for the updates.

    I will also be very curious to see how the rest of the elections go….and what the various high profile folks in the state have to say in reaction.

    Oh, and I’ll also be interested in how the convention/elections are covered in The Pathway. I’m still surprised/disappointed that we have a news journal that was birthed on-line, but still only updates every two weeks!

    Charles Brazeale

  2. The Pathway seems to be doing better than that this week. There were a number of articles about convention items that were available on the Pathway site yesterday (committee reports, budget, nominations, etc). They are linked to the top news story link (physically) on the home page.


  3. Micah,

    Dude…sorry to have missed you at the Convention…I was liveblogging the sessions yesterday and spent some time with the “younger rebellious crowd that just needs to grow up” (according to Tolliver) last night at the same place you’re hanging out tonight I presume.

    We need to email or get together sometime…I have some interesting opinions on the Tolliver address, the presidential election, and the conference as a whole and will be sharing those in the coming days over at my blog…I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts as well…

    Let’s get together…

  4. I don’t think that any of the officer election show a dramatic “shift” in the overall MBC, but rahter the success of “politicking” and so on. I received an unsigned letter (I hate when folks don’t have guts to sign things) regarding all this and promoting the SOC candidates. I think those things did their job.

    The reason I don’t see a tremendous shift is when it came to voting on ideological items like the alcohol resolution. Though the vote was much close than I thought it should be, many who opposed it only did so on the basis that it should have been a motion, not merely a resolution, or that they would like to have not been so bold on the “urging” part. Overall, this is where the MBC has always been (at least in recent years).

    Just my opinion, but I wouldn’t read too much “mandate” and “shift” into the vote just yet. Let’s give it a year and we’ll see.

    By the way, though I know you and I would not agree on all things, I was in the Resolution Committee meeting, and from what I heard, I would have liked to at least had your resolution come to the floor for discussion. It would have been fun!

  5. Scott,

    I think you read too little into the officer elections. If Bro. Gerald were the only one elected you could attribute the win to his name recognition. But, Bruce McCoy beat Jay Scribner. Jay has “star power” in the convention, yet the vote wasn’t close.

    Roger Moran is an icon and was beat by another. I would have thought that to be a close race based on name recognition alone, but frankly, more people know the name Roger Moran than John Marshall. Again, name recognition is not what one the battle.

    I’m not sure most people really care who the recording secretary is, but I do think it signifcant that they voted for the SOC candidate.

    The lopsided vote of Moran vs. Marshall is telling, IMHO. I do hope this marks the beginning of new focus on “cooperation around essentials” and we spend more time working towards reaching a lost world than politicking and fighting one another!

  6. Dear Micah,

    Nice blog. I have just read your reflections on the MBC and the Quake on the Lake posts. Interesting perspective. Keep it up.

  7. I know that this is old news to most of you, but I just read this and couldn’t resist.

    I have dabbled for years in SBC politics and MBC is no different than any other political group. Every body has over the years manipulated their position for personal gain. From Jay Scribner up and down ranks not one in a political position ever did it for love. God never has directed us to be political. In doing so it calls attention to ourselves. If we as christians (yes little c) lead by example, then stop paying for administrators, pastors, multi million dollar physical plants that are nothing more than country clubs. Lose the trappings of bondage that greed and the lust for money and power has heaped upon the SBC in general. Stop fighting like children and do what the Jesus would have done. Love one another as you do yourselves. Oh and give all you have as the widow did. Bet you won’t do that.

    The fighting for political position is NOT a function of God’s Church, it is a blight caused by man to create a building that he thinks God will like. Some of you should really read the bible, not interpret it. Never was the Church supposed to be a building or a political organization or a means for wealth. The SBC and the state BC’s have all missed that. Has anyone read the Baptist Faith and Message lately??

    I’m saddened by it all.

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