Quarter recall?

Hang on to any of the new State of Alabama quarters.  If you have them, they
may be worth much more than 25 cents.

The U.S. Treasury announced today that it is recalling all of the Alabama
quarters that are part of its program featuring quarters from each state.

"We are recalling all the new Alabama quarters that were recently issued,"
Treasury Undersecretary Jack Shackleford said Monday. "This action is being
taken after numerous reports that the new quarters will not work in parking
meters, toll booths, vending machines, pay phones, or other coin-operated

The quarters were issued in the order in which the various states joined the
U.S. and have been a tremendous success among coin collectors worldwide.

"The problem lies in the unique design of the Alabama quarter, which was
created by an Auburn University graduate," Shackleford said. "Apparently,
the duct tape holding the two dimes and the nickel together keeps jamming
the coin-operated devices."

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

12 thoughts on “Quarter recall?

  1. That reminds me of an OLD joke I heard years before. I don’t tell it much now, even though it is funny, because some may misinterpret it as being anti-Semitic. But in writing, I can say I am not.

    A man walked up to his Jewish friend, and punched him hard, knocking him to the ground. “What was THAT for?!” the Jewish man asked.
    “Well, you’re Jewish aren’t you?!” the man asked in a huff.
    “Yes, of course I am,” the Jewish man replied.
    “And the Jews crucified Jesus, didn’t they?!”
    “Yes, but that was 2,000 years ago!”
    “Well I just heard about it!”

  2. Dave-

    It is funny, isn’t it. Particularly in light of this week’s game! Go Gators!!!


    You’re right, that could be taken the wrong way. Thanks for clarifying for us!


    Unfortunately since I call Florida home I understand that joke all too well.


    BTW, What do folks from Alabama call duct tape? ………………………………………..
    ……………………………….chrome! 🙂

  3. Here’s one Micah.
    An Auburn fan sees a sign. Vacation cruise, $99. He goes in puts down his $99 and says, “Gimme the vacation cruise.” The man with the sign took his money, hit him upside the head with a baseball bat. Tied him up in a sheet. Put a lifejacket around him and threw him in the river. He’s floating along when he comes across another man on the cruise wearing a Gator hat. The Auburn fan asks, “You reckon they gonna serve any food on this cruise?” The Gator fan says, “They didn’t last year.”

    Roll Tide!!!

  4. Brother Micah,

    I read the entire article twice before I realized you were joking. I thought I must have missed something the first time I got to the punch line and read it again. You are bad!

    Reminds me of the one going on around here in NC. What do you call a pretty girl on Duke’s campus? A visitor from Chapel Hill.


  5. These are just recycled Aggie jokes.

    Why does Texas A&M post guards from the corps around the grass at Kyle Field after a game?

    To keep the cheerleaders from grazing.

  6. Joe-

    Roll Tide? You must mean Roll Over the Tide, as in what Florida did to you two weeks ago! 🙂


    I grew up in NC loving Duke basketball so I’m not sure I’ll agree with you there.


    I’m not a fan of Texas athletics so I’ll laugh with you over that one. Of course, I’ll just as easily tell a few UT jokes so I’m guessing you won’t join in there. 🙂

    Nice humor, gentleman!

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