Praying for Lewis & Clark

lcbc.jpgThis week [Wednesday through Saturday] I am preaching a revival at Lewis & Clark Baptist Church which is between St. Joseph and Kansas City. LCBC is a small rural church that has had some rough times recently but they have a strong desire to reach their community under their new pastor, Roger Howe. One of the more important facts about LCBC is that they are the closest Southern Baptist church to Atchison, KS which happens to be one of the largest unreached areas in this part of the state. They are located in a premium location to make a tremendous Kingdom impact in the Atchison area.

Long ago God gave me a heart for the small church and I know about the unique concerns that they face. Like other smaller churches LCBC is facing some of those concerns, but I am convinced that God is going to use them in unique was, as well, to make a Kingdom impact in their community. I’m hoping that I can help them a bit this week and that we can find ways to continue to encourage their efforts as they attempt to reach their community. If you have an opportunity this week, please spend a moment or two praying for LCBC and pray that God would use them to effectively communicate the gospel in their community and they would see great fruit for the gospel.

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

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  1. Micah,

    I have a heart for “little country churches,” having preached at many (they’re the only ones that will let me preach 🙂 ), but I honestly don’t see much hope for them past the current generation. The next generation is looking for places that give them and their children lots of opportunities and choices, things a small church just can’t provide. Can you tell me what hope if any you see?

    May God bless the preaching of His Word during this revival (don’t see many of those anymore), and you the preacher as you travel, speak, encourage, evangelize, and generally love on these folks, and Lewis & Clark BC as they seek to be a light on a hill.

  2. Dennis-

    I don’t have much time right now but I will say that one thing that “small country churches” provide that others, like my own church, do not often provide as well, is an intimate, casual approach to understanding the message of Christ. The sense of relationship that exists within many “small country churches” is often unparalleled.

  3. Dennis,

    I believe you are wrong about the future of the small church. Read a few of my articles about the beauty of the small church from a pastor who is a small church pastor.

    BTW, the postmodern generation is looking for relationships, not entertainment. Small churches are a good fit for that.


  4. Dennis,

    I am a pastor of a small rural church, in a town of about 900 actually. We are a growing, vibrant, young, missions-hearted church in one of the poorest, if not the poorest rural county in MO. I agree with Micah completely. The relationships that we have developed over the past four years are unparalleled. Many of these small rural churches have a great heart for the gospel and for the hearing the word of God preached. Micah, I admire you for your commitment and I will be praying for you as you minister to Roger’s congregation and community.

  5. Micah,

    Amen to your thoughts on “small country churches”. I have noticed in my experiences that many times when we as an outreach ministry have visited, spoke, shared, or presented our ministry in the smaller churches, they are so blessed and so appreciative. The size of their hearts often greatly overshadow the size of the building in which they worship or even the size of the congregation. At times it has seemed to me like smaller churches are more locally mission minded. Often times larger churches have larger mission agendas and support the large well-known mission organizations, which is wonderful in itself! But it can make it hard for us local missionaries to raise support for much needed local missions as well as world missions. The smaller churches of this community and others have supported us wholeheartedly through financial support, prayer, and encouragement. They have been the backbone of our local ministry. I also agree with the idea that much needed intimate relationships flourish in smaller settings. Hence the new wave of small or cell groups which are forming in many modern or larger churches. Relationships are so vital for a healthy and growing body of believers. May God continue to use you to bridge gaps between all sizes of churches in order to further the Gospel and encourage the body of Christ!

  6. Micah,

    Praying for you and the folks at Lewis & Clark. I’ve been to that church a time or two but it’s been quite a few years. Glad to see they’re still going. Do you know if the Anders family still goes there? If so, tell them I said hello!

  7. Micah,

    Hmmm … that would probably be the same one. She used to, I think still does, lead VBS at Copeland where I grew up. We also took the puppet team at Copeland down to Lewis & Clark for VBS a few times when she was there. Has Kenny gone on to glory now?

  8. Jeffery-

    That is the same Joyce. She still is a member at Copeland and attends there on Sunday evenings but is at Missouri Valley on Sunday mornings. Also, Kenny has gone on. He had already passed away when I arrived at MVBC over 5 years ago.

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