Powder Blue is Back!!!

In what may go down as the biggest news in a long, long time, the Royals unveiled their new powder blue jerseys tonight! They haven’t been worn by our ‘Boys in Blue’ since 1991 but we’re getting them back. These are the uni’s that we wore when we won the World Series, when Steve Busby threw two no-hitters and when Bo Jackson hit three home runs against the hated Yankees.

I am very excited! The Royals are spending money AND wearing the powder blues. It can’t get much better (at least until we win a pennant). Now I’ve just got to wait for them to go on sale so I can get one for myself.

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7 thoughts on “Powder Blue is Back!!!

  1. Yeah. For that matter, a little more Willie Wilson, Frank White, Bret Saberhagen, Charlie Liebrant, Dan Quisenberry, and the rest of the gang from ’85 would be good too… 🙂

    Did you know they won it all in ’85 with a .252 team batting average, with Brett their only .300 hitter? They had a better average each of the last six seasons, and lost 100 games in four of them.

  2. I didn’t realize that! Wow! Says a lot about pitching doesn’t it? Here’s hoping ours gets better too.

    Of course, I wonder what the BA of the other teams in the league was at the time? I’m guessing that hitting has improved, league wide, since then. Do you know?

  3. Glad they’re bringing back the unis but if the Royals want any chance at 50-plus wins next year they better drag Brett, Patek, White, Steve (I got no arm to 3rd) Balboni, Buddy (lifetime 2 HRs Biancalana, Eisenreich, and put them in the unis.

    Rock on Yanks!

  4. Chris-

    While I agree with you that they need more and better players to compete, it should be noted that even last year they ended the season with 69 wins. With their additions this coming season, I see no reason not to expect a minimum of 75 wins which moves them closer to .500. Expecting little more than 50 wins would put them as all time historic losers.

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