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    Micah and I met at the church, the day after my “venting” about my perception of a lack of Micah’s support from the pulpit for “Share Jesus Without Fear.” We are now in accord, and that matter is now resolved.

    However, I certainly owe Micah, and his readers here, a pesonal apolgy. I have already accomplishsed that with our Pastor. I choose this avenue to apologize to you, as I have no idea who you are, other than that you are co-readers of Micah’s blog.

    This is going to sound kinda dumb, as I always considered myself a pretty computer-literate guy. However, I had no idea that responses made on a blog can be read by his readers as well. I incorrectly thought that this was “for Micah’s eyes only.”

    Micah and I have a history of being pretty blunt with each other, whether it’s “fun & games,” or “dead servious.” It’s a relationship we both enjoy. I would never have criticized him like that, in ear shot, or in plain view of others. The kind of stuff I put on his blog, belongs only in an e-mail, or face-to-face. I now ask your forgiveness for my ignorance oh how some things “work.”

    Concerning my comments made on the other matter, I simply didn’t know the background on the Guatemala trip, or nothing I said would have been said. I apologized about that, and the matter is now closed.

    Thanks for your patience, as I grow in all things.

    Your brother in Christ,


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