9 thoughts on “Please No!

  1. This whole thing makes no sense. I agree with Les, Favre should just stay retired.

    On the other hand if he wants to come back I don’t see why the Packers wouldn’t welcome him back. It’s not like he had a bad year last year. He could probably still help the team.

  2. I agree with both of you at this point that Favre staying retired might be best. At the same time, I hope the Pack will take him back if he decides to “unretire”. I also, however, can understand the Pack’s frustration over Favre’s waffling.

    Best case scenario, for me anyway, would be for Favre to come back to the Pack for 2 years, trade Rogers for 2 draft picks and then to groom Brian Brohm to be Favre’s successor.

  3. Ted Williams stepped to the plate, hit his 29th home run in a season where he had hit .316, and retired. He went out on top. Too few athletes do so; too many hang on and hang around until they become carricatures of themselves. Favre should go out gracefully, having had a very successful last season. People would rather remember that, rather than someone who flip-flops on retiring/unretiring/retiring etc., etc.

  4. Favre just needs to stay retired. All he’s doing is tarnishing his legacy.

    Of course, the Packers look like morons for telling him he can come back… as a backup.

    It’s a lose / lose situation, butchered by both sides. Great time to be a Packers fan, huh?

  5. John-

    I agree with you, other than the part about the Packers telling him he has to be a back-up, which according to the GM and the Head Coach, he was not told. This video featuring John Clayton, who spoke with the GM Thompson, confirms that.

  6. First, the Packers did not tell Farve he had to come back as a backup…that is conjecture on the part of the media. He was not guaranteed the staring job either and can you blame the Pack after all that has transpired (see second comment).

    Second, according to published reports Farve contacted the Packers in March, after his retirement announcement, and said he wanted to come back. They said, great come on back and then before the announcement could be made he called and said it was a no go, he would stay retired.

    This is called crying wolf one to many times. One of the greatest Packers of all time is ruining his legacy and causing the fan to take sides. IMO, If he really cares about the Pack if he returns he will return on their terms, since he has already backed out a couple of times, or stay retired in order for the Pack to focus on the 08 season and not on Brett Farve.

    As for Minnesota and Chicago…it ain’t gonna happen!

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