Plastic Jesus?

I saw this video today and thought about so many who are barely existing in their Christian “faith”. I wonder just how many in the church today are defined by this video? I’m terrified that it’s tragically more than we want to believe. The God of Scripture is a God who radically transforms.

This is the testimony of far too many “Christians” in the American church. Sadly, it’s not the testimony of biblical salvation.

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

9 thoughts on “Plastic Jesus?

  1. This, I think, is also the reason for the apathy within the church for the gospel…and the force behind church splits and church decline.

    The question remains: How do we de-plasticize the gospel and Jesus?

  2. Andrew, could it be as simple as preaching a clear gospel? Instead of preaching that salvation happens thanks to a prayer said at the altar, we could instead teach the Biblical imperative that the Gospel is transformational and a Gospel without transforming life change is no Gospel at all?

  3. Wow. Unfortunately, I think this video is spot on.

    Yes, how to we move to the true Christian faith from here? Many people seem to lose or have never had their identity in Christ. It’s not about what we do in going to church, etc. It’s about what Christ has done for us. This man’s attitude would be different if he were content in Christ, Philippians 4:11-14.

  4. The contemporary “church” has eliminated “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” forgetting that “it is God who is at work within you both to desire and to do His good pleasure.” Anyone who preaches repentance and accurate gospel is soon labeled a “salvation by works” preacher; because everyone memorizes Eph 2.8,9 and ignores Eph 2.10. May God increase the tribe of men who will, like you Micah, preach the truth…in love…but the truth!

  5. I think sometimes Christians try to “sell” the gospel as a miracle cure-all experience instead of presenting it as exactly what it is… a decision to leave life of sin and turn to a daily life of obedience and worship. If we forget the part about “becoming a disciple” then we never learn to grow closer to God in our daily life. We cannot know what to strive for, unless we know the scriptures. Our sacrifice for Christ IS our faith in action every day. We cannot go about our lives like everyone else. We MUST be different. We must CHOOSE to be different. We must ACT out those differences in every choice we make. I believe that is how we come to know the REAL Jesus.

  6. Micah:
    YES! The Gospel needs to be preached as costly and transformational. Do you think that the “just walk the aisle…who here agrees with this decision” method is the problem? I’ve often thought about whether we should receive them each week, but put them through a new Christians class before we “vote” on them.

    We have to start with the new generation of Christians. Take a handful of new believers, mentor them in “costly grace”, and then encourage them to mentor others. Soon the older/mature Christians will get on board. (hopefully!)

  7. Add to that “you can’t lose it”.

    What we need to do is focus on GOD SAVES according
    to HIS will, not by anything we do.

    What we have is basically a salvation by works, folks.

    What we have is man telling God to save him.

    We have lots of well meaning preachers who do not
    preach the true gospel. They preach a gospel that
    must appeal to men because they are asking men to
    DO something, not receive something.

    I’d like to dare to have my preacher show that video.

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