8 thoughts on “Jesus wants the rose

  1. One Reformed guy among so many Arminians…well…that’s better than most years. Perhaps through Matt, folks will actually hear something about Jesus that isn’t a sales pitch for a new program.

  2. Les-

    This clip actually came from the DesiringGod conference. You must be referring to the Jax Pastor’s Conference, though, where I hear he also hit a homerun.

  3. Yes…We need to hear much more of this. It’s why my #1 giveaway book for years has been Brennan Manning’s The Ragamuffin Gospel.

  4. I looked at the schedule for the PC but did not see Chandler on it. Has something changed? I got to see him bring the hammer at the FBC-Jax PC and would love to see him up in front of the SBC elite once again.

  5. Todd-

    I may have been mistaken – I was thinking for sure that he was speaking. I probably just imagined (and hope for it) in my mind. Nonetheless, the lineup still looks pretty exciting! With Greear, Platt and Chan it should be a pretty amazing event.

  6. I love the illustration (I’m glad Jesus wants the rose!) but wish it were not couched in “church is the enemy of evangelism, stopped wanting to be a churchman” type language. I love the church (not everything done by all in the church) and love that the church is made up of imperfect roses. But, sounding anti-church or anti-churchmanship is common and cool. Better to disagree with things that Christians in the church do than to be anti-church methinks. Doug Munton

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