Is Brett Favre the best quarterback ever?

The experts say that he probably was! I agree and you can vote as well. See the poll listed in my sidebar. To hear about from the experts, take a look at the video below. 

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10 thoughts on “Is Brett Favre the best quarterback ever?

  1. Micah

    I have always thought that Joe Montana was the best. While Farve will be known as a great, Montana has the numbers, leadership, and superbowl rings to put him up at the top.

    Now, have their been quarterbacks who were more accurate or had better athletic traits? Absolutely, but they don’t have the wins nor the leadership that Montana always displayed on the field. But then again, it is all so subjective.

    BTW, I am not a 49er’s fan. Miami is my team. Unfortunately there has not been much rejoicing the past few years in my house during the fall.


  2. Well, it doesn’t surpise me that people will disagree with the assesment. It also doesn’t suprise me that Montana is the man that you guys are in favor of. In my opinion, however, Montana ranks either 3rd on the list of all time greats. I would rank them (ncluding only retired QB’s. I think Peyton will probably be on this list someday):

    1. Brett Favre
    2. John Elway
    3. Joe Montana
    4. Johnny Unitas
    5. Dan Marino

  3. As much as I like Favre, I’ve gotta agree with the others here. Super Joe’s #1.

    I’d probably put Favre in the top 10 though, somewhere amongst the likes of Montana, John Elway, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Dan Marino, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, Fran Tarkenton, and Bart Starr.

  4. I was a Montana fan and still like him, but he had Rice. Brett led regardless of whether there were other stars on the team or not. I put Favre at the top and Montana second. I liked Elway, but I think Marino might edge him out for third. Unitas was a different era and doesn’t factor in for me.

  5. Here’s my five:

    1. Elway (2 rings and flat carried Denver most of his career)
    2. Favre (1 ring and flat carried Green Bay most of his career)
    3. Montana (Rings galore…but had one of the best teams in history around him)
    4. Marino (I like his weight loss commercials)
    5. Brady (3 Rings…but didn’t look so swell in the last big game he played)

  6. i don’t think u can really say anyone is the best quaterback of all time. there are just a select few that were able to prove that they can do things that very few others can do. if favre had played on a team with a jerry rice who knows what he would’ve done on the field. they all played with differnt talent and in differnt situations. i don’t think joe would’ve put up 32 tds with a broken thumb, but who knows?

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