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  1. From the Columbia Tribune:

    ? Just visiting: Florida Gators offensive coordinator Dan Mullen visited practice and afterward met with QB Chase Daniel and several MU coaches. Mullen was in town taking notes on MU’s no-huddle offense. Coaches from Colorado State’s staff were also in attendance. Several prospective recruits were on hand, including St. Louis University High RB Ronnie Wingo and Blue Springs South QB Blaine Dalton as well as recent signees WR Wes Kemp and DB Robert Steeples of DeSmet.

  2. Meyer’s is brilliant or Foley a fool…a buyout of $500,000.00 and a one month window each year to leave. If I was a Gator fan, and I am not, I would be upset after reading about this contract!

  3. I thought the same thing about the contract. I’m not all that pleased with that portion of it. It seems to me that a $3-4 million buyuout would be more appropriate. Or at least don’t give him the 30 day window to look elsewhere.

  4. Kevin-

    I find that a bit fascinating because I know that the Mizzou coaching staff spent time in Gainesville learning our offense two seasons ago. It seems that the student may have become the tutor?

  5. Maybe Florida should take a lesson from Auburn (don’t ya hate that) where Tuberville has to pay the same amount to buyout as the school would have to pay him if they fired him. Seems fair to both parties and protects both parties as well.

    I think pastors need to start thinking about buyouts and firings? Just a thought…a little humor.

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