5 thoughts on “How sweet it is!

  1. I suppose I am glad I have blogging friends who keep me up to date on sporting events. 🙂 No one is talking about NCAA in England. I had forgotten the game was last night.

  2. I bow to the greatness of Gator Nation. I was sitting pretty on the bracket after the third round, but my strategy of picking the No. 2 seeds ran into trouble. I did root for the Gators last night. Great pics you posted, except Noah would really do well to get rid of that whiney face and attitude before the draft. Good tourney all around, though.

  3. Bryan- Just call me FSPN (Friesville Sports Programming Network).

    Jasonk- No, No, No, No! Please cease and desist with that horrible noise coming from your mouth! (Can you tell I’m in denial about the possibility?) 🙂

    Alan- I would guess that the folks who live around where you live hate to see this shade of orange wearing the championship rings. 🙂 Of course, that doesn’t bother me at all.

    The pics are actually courtesy of screen shots from ESPN.com, SI.com, and CBSSportsline.com after the game last night.

  4. After losing a (excuse me not a but two) national championship(s) to the Gators, might I share THE Ohio State battle cry…WE’RE NUMBER TWO!!!!

    As a Big Ten and Wisconsin Badger fan who has always disliked OSU it was a great night! It also helps that all my children are Gator fans and one is a graduate of UF.

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