Here's a question?

What do you get when you play the 109th ranked schedule in the country, don’t even play for your conference title and consequently beat NO teams who even received a vote in the AP Top 25? Why an invitation to the Orange Bowl of course that is if you are KU. We all know that makes perfect sense.

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4 thoughts on “Here's a question?

  1. Oh stop your complaining.

    You may not be BCS bound but at least you’ll have a good game to watch even if the reigning national champs do have the Capitol One bowl.

    We in Georgia love when it rains Sugar in New Orleans. But I’d take Michigan over Hawaii anyday. Hawaii? Yuck. Just be thankful you got Capitol One.

  2. Why complain about KU when OSU is in the National championship game? Was OSU’s schedule really any better than KU’s? Oh wait I forgot OSU plays in the overrated Big ten so that makes it better. But look at the Big ten and who their teams played (or did not play) and you will see my point. The biggest OOC win for the Big ten was OSU over Washington. The national championship game should be OU vs. LSU. and I am a texas fan and thus hate OU. But OSU being in the national championship game is a bigger deal than KU.

  3. Bernard, right on. Playoffs. This “strength of schedule” stuff is just a way for coaches and sportswriters to exercise their biases. As everyone always says, these things are proven on the field. You would think that after Boise State beat Oklahoma last season, that would eliminate all this ridiculous talk about strength of schedule and who belongs where. A playoff eliminates all the biases.

    As far as the Heisman goes, well, if there is a playoff, then that should wait until it is over, and there is only one team standing. As it is right now, Colt Brennan is the only candidate playing on a team that is in a BCS bowl game. That, in and of itself, is a travesty. Football is a team sport, and running up a bunch of individual stats isn’t indicative of a team effort, especially if the team lost three games. If you are the best player in college football, shouldn’t you be a team player? And shouldn’t your efforts have at least put your team in one of the top five games?

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