Go Royals!

royals.gifOk, so I know it’s early. I also know that history is pushing against me. All in all, however, I can’t help but be more than a bit excited when I take a look over at ESPN.com and notice that in their first pre-season power poll they have the Royals ranked 11th in all of Major League Baseball! We are ranked ahead of such teams as the Cardinals, Red Sox, Dodgers and Angels. Man, here comes baseball and I am excited!

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

8 thoughts on “Go Royals!

  1. My Dodgers will still kick your Royal behinds! Go Dodger Blue!! 8)

    Soooo glad someone else is waiting with childlike (im)patience for baseball season to begin. Is it Spring yet…?

  2. Micah, I am finding it difficult to respect you. However, I heard about the Gators this fall and let’s see, LSU took it all. I heard about the Packers and the big game invaded them. The Gators again in Basketball but where are they now? The Royals? Come on. Where’s reality? I guess you do belive in miracles.

  3. This is the first year in many that I think that the Royals compare favorably to the Cardinals. I nearly choked as I typed that, but I am afraid that it is true.

    Our new GM has taken a mediocre team and made it worse. We enter this year with only one legitimate starter, our only super star with a bad elbow, still no solution at 2nd base, a downgrade at SS, a worse fielder at third, and no proven outfielder even on the roster. Could be a long year for us Cardinal fans.

    However, it is only spring training. Who knows maybe Anthony Reyes reverses his record of last year, Adam Kennedy remembers how to hit, Izturis hits above the Mendoza line, Glaus flags down a few more grounders than usual, Duncan figures out how to judge a fly ball, Ankiel lives up to his potential, Colby Rasmus wins rookie of the year, Carpenter has a miraculous recovery, and Tony doesn’t over-manage. It could happen.

    GO CARDS!!!

  4. My long-time fav Cardinals–Jim Edmonds and David Eckstein–are both gone. *Sigh* And no gold-glove at third base. But there is some offensive potential…Is Skip the hitter he was last year–promising–or in previous years? Adam Kennedy has always been good…until last year. Glaus has a lot of power, batting behind Albert.
    I’m not at all optimistic that Mark Mulder, once so good, will ever come back. The same goes for Matt Clement. Reyes has a lot of upsides but can’t seem to keep it together through an entire mound appearance. The starting staff is going to take all of Tony’s and Dave Duncan’s efforts to make a passable showing.
    But hey–these are my Cardinals; for fifty years now, they’re my team. And it’s Spring because they’re in uniform. And hope springs eternal as well.
    Let’s go get ’em, Rick.

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