Ever wonder?

Ever wonder why we act like jump up and down, scream at the top of our lungs, whipped into a frenzy,  “charismatic” fanatics on Friday night at the football game but revert to stone faced, hands in our lap, sing if we feel like it, “Baptist” congregants on Sunday morning?

I wonder which message is more praise worthy? I guess, based on our behavior, the Friday Night Light message must supersede everything else. No wonder we can’t find people more interested in our message of grace.

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

6 thoughts on “Ever wonder?

  1. Micah,
    I am a Jacksonville Jaguars fan so I don’t know what you are talking about. I rarely have any reason to “whip myself into a frenzy.”

    On a more serious note, I agree with your observation. Many baptist churches lack passion in their worship and this does not proclaim the glory of the gospel to outsiders. Agreed, Agreed.

    Also, thanks for the link to Devine I will check it out. I plan to write a series on the conference and discuss my thoughts on the EC over the next couple months. You need to go to my site and follow the link to hear Driscoll’s short history of the EC. He said this was the first time he had ever done this talk and he stated he would take some flack for it. The lecture was very enlightening…check it out.

  2. Micah,

    i agree with your basic point. i think we often care more about our sports teams than Christ.

    However i want to look at a different side of things. First as a fan I think sports teams are there to entertain me. While God’s purpose is not to entertain me. Thus I might behave differently at a game than at church. I might be all crazy at a game but at church I am reverent and quiet. we studied Matthew 8 in church today. the first few verses are about a lepor being healed. What I want to point out is that the lepor came to Jesus and bowed reverantly in front of him and asked Jesus to heal him. i have never thought of bowing in front of a football player or being reverant at a game like it was some sort of spiritual experience. Maybe some do but I think most do not.
    Also I am sort of a Texans fan. Only sort of because for their first 6 years they did not deserve my support. So i wanted to be a fan but I just couldn’t. Now that they are relevant (as a Texan player recently said) i can become a fan and not just forget aobut them at mid-season.

    So i get your point but I think there is so much difference between a football game and a church service that it is not always a great comparison. i would not want a church service to be like a football game. although maybe it sometimes is when so many of the fans/ parishoners are after the coaches/ pastors head.

    BH- CARL

  3. Carl-

    I agree with you that reverence is missing from most worship experiences, it seems. Indifference has set in, unfortunately. I do think, however, that what I want to see in worship is not necessarily towel waving, muscle bound athletes. What I want to see is passion. Passion that validates our message. While there are certainly times in worship that call for quiet reverence, there are certainly times when energetic passion should exist to help punctuate the service. It seems to me that both exist in biblical worship. All too often we see little of either, it seems to me. As I already said, apathy seems to be the name of the game.

    Psalm 67

  4. Micah,

    Yes. I agree with you. I was just looking at the analogy a little differently. I sometimes annoy people (my wife) by doing that. But yes passion is definitely what we are missing in worship. It is funny at Texas football games I often sit quiet, analyzing each play and the game as a whole. I have as much if not more passion than the guy next to me screaming his head off. I just have a more intellectual (if one can say that when talking about football) demonstration of my passion than the other guy probably does. Since I played football I can analyze what is going on and why things happen. Thus I am very passionate at UT games but not outwardly so.

    What I want is the passion while the outward expressions should be different than that of a football game and should change in a worship service based on what is going on. So I agree with you. We are passionate about Vince Young who is a god of college football but not so passionate about Jesus Christ who is the King of Kings and the God over all things.

  5. You know, for me it’s not so much about reverence, exuberance, hand-clapping, or hand-folding as much as it is about sincerity. I agree with you, Micah, that we should be more excited about time spent worshipping God than worshipping things of this world (whether that be football or anything else). Granted, some people worship more ‘calmly’ than others — which is okay.

    I’m fortunate to be at a SBC where we clap and raise hands on some songs, and close our eyes in reverence on others. All to often, people translate sincerity into reverence, and believe that any type of physical display of worship is ‘inappropriate’. Some say God deserves reverence — I say he desires sincerity, whether it’s reverent or exuberant.


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