Emerging defined?

Well, not exactly, but this is a very good attempt at wading through the various streams of Christian thought from Fundamentalism all the way to beyond Emerging to full blown liberalism. I’d recommend that you take a look at it if you have studied the Emerging church at all. You can read it here.

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3 thoughts on “Emerging defined?

  1. 93 comments. Read them all. Brain hurts! Good luck to anyone nailing down a precise definition of Emergent/Emerging–I’m not at all sure the big names in that field know how to define it themselves. From my reading, the only commonality I see among the authors is 1) a struggle to make the Gospel “relevant” to younger generations (though they’ve got WIDELY diverging opinions of how to get that done–ranging from changing the worship style to becoming more missional to chucking out a pretty good segment of orthodox theology) 2) Becoming more outward focused, “missional” (I put that in quotes because many of them have a vision of “missional” that doesn’t look that much like the Great Commission), and 3) A willingness to innovate new and more interactive worship styles to get 1) and 2) done (art showings, poetry readings, dark rooms lit by candles, etc). See there? Even with the things I can see in common between them, I had to put all sorts of qualifiers in! Trying to find commonality within all of their theologies is like trying to cross-breed a goldfish and a golden retriever. (I was tempted to say donkey and elephant, but that might have introduced this whole political metaphor…..)

  2. Scott-

    Right you are! That’s my whole point with encouraging people to read that. It’s time that we stop labeling the “EC” movement as good and/or bad as a whole and deal with each individual church. Labeling emerging churches is about as easy as labeling “baptists” with American, National, Southern, Independent, etc. all fitting within that “baptist” category. Glad you tackled the reading.

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