Editorial :: Voting and the influence of the Kingdom of God

I’m getting ready to head to the polls where I will place my vote in just a few short minutes. From what I hear, I will be joined by possibly the largest turnout of American voters in our country’s history. Even though I have long ago decided who would receive my vote I take great solace in the thought that my vote will not sway the purposes and will of God, in either direction. I will vote, and I hope that you will vote as well. We are privileged as American citizens a right that is certainly not offered to the vast majority of inhabitants of our world. However, we must be cautious not to assume too much regarding the election process.

Regardless of the outcome, however, we can remain thankful and excited about our God and our country with the knowledge that we are ultimately serving the King of the universe who’s sovereign plans cannot be thwarted and whose Kingdom cannot fail! Whether the winning candidate be the man we chose, or he be the man we are in opposition to, his election will not surprise God and neither will it stop Him. Additionally, in spite of what every politician wishes you to believe, they will also fail to be the “savior” they claim to be. The election of a President, among other leaders, is surely an important moment in our country’s life. It will not, however, be the answer to our moral, ethical, and ultimately spiritual condition. Politicians and legislation will not rule the day when it comes to the establishment of a country, government or civilization which honors God and lives by His principles. No, thankfully that is not dependent upon an election. Unfortunately, however, that IS dependent upon you, and as of right now God’s church has failed miserably in cultural reformation. The transformation of our country will not happen due to the influence of a politician, it will happen due to the influence of a transformed people who change things from the inside out. If it continues to deteriorate, it again will not ultimately be the fault of the politician. The blame will ultimately rest squarely on the shoulders of those who claim citizenship in the Kingdom of God who fail to exercise their godly influence as they connect with non-believers and communicate the great Gospel of our Savior.

So, as you spend your day, please commit yourself to exercising your civic privilege to vote. Please cast your ballot for the candidates that you can clearly support, based on biblical principles and godly decision making. Do not, however, leave today thinking that this act of voting is the sufficient exercise needed, on your behalf, to change our country. Most of all, regardless of today’s outcome, do not walk around tomorrow ecstatic, or deflated. Yes, elections matter. Ultimately, however, the direction of our country will not rest on today’s outcome. It will instead rest on the decisions of Christ followers all across our country as we go to our places of employment, education, recreation and worship. Finally, remember that we can remain excited, upbeat and encouraged, regardless of today’s outcome knowing that all things rest in the power of the Amighty’s hand.

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

12 thoughts on “Editorial :: Voting and the influence of the Kingdom of God

  1. I have senior adults who are worried sick over this thing and are convinced that Sen. Obama is “THE Antichrist”. The few of them who know how to use email constantly circulate this type of stuff because they figure that if they got it in an email then it must be true. They then print those emails off to pass out to their other friends who can’t use a computer. The past few weeks I’ve been saying over and over –

    1 – If Obama is THE antichrist like what you read about in your Left Behind books, then a vote for McCain can’t stop prophecy from happening!
    2 – If Obama is THAT antichrist, great! The end is near!
    3 – You probably thought John Kerry was THE antichrist 4 years ago too!
    4 – America isn’t our forever home, so don’t worry yourself so much!

    It’s helped a few of them to relax a little. At least it’s been a nice diversion from the usual prayer requests such as bad backs and bunions.:)

  2. Micah, great outlook on today’s elections. Definitely a breath a fresh air, and a great reminder that our highest calling is to worship on a mission with Him. Thanks for writing this.

  3. I agree and trust that ultimately God will control the outcome. I’m just tired of voting defensively. It no longer feels like a privelege when you vote against a candidate vs. for a candidate but rather it feels dutiful. This is my sixth election, I’ve voted four times against a candidate and twice for a candidate…that STINKS! I feel like I’m constantly fighting a losing fight, like a farmer trying to keep rats and starlings out of his barn.

  4. Ron,

    I’m feeling much that same thing, that my vote today was really all about voting against somebody and making sure he didn’t win than it was supporting a candidate that I think will be a very positive influence on this nation. Is this country no longer capable of producing the men of integrity, respect, Godly vision, and righteous zeal, the moral pillars that so many of our Founding Fathers were? For this life in this country, I yearn for a George Washington to rally behind.

    But our eyes are to be on Heaven. And our trust is to be in the sovereign God who already knows the outcome of this election and what it will mean to His Elected. It’s easy to say we trust God when all is sunny and well. One way or another, we are coming soon to a time when we will encounter more and more tribulation. That’s when others (and we ourselves?) will see how much we trust God.

  5. My paternal grandfather, a democratic ‘godfather” with a huge West Virginia manpower network [most really were armed – I’ll never forget those images as an observant toddler], used to hand-out $2.00 bills to those in the coal fields on their way into the polling booth. Coal miners used to be paid in $2.00 bills. By the time I was a teenager, the democrats had upgraded to good Kentucky bourbon. And everyone that promised to vote democratic, got a pint. I witnessed this happening in Beckley, WV.

    As a young man, my father had died and my mother married H.T. Taylor, the Federal Marshall for the northern-most 39 counties of West Virginia (appointed by Jimmy Carter). He was Senator Byrd’s “bag man” (the Senate’s Undisputed “King Of Pork”), and was best-known for carrying Byrd’s fiddle to political gatherings. Nobody had a larger “donkey ca$e,” and he loved to tell the story about what John F. Kennedy, replied when H.T. asked him how much he was prepared to spend to guararantee “buying” the election in WV. In an upper suite of the Daniel Boone Hotel in dowtown Charleston, JFK is reported to have replied: “Whatever it takes!” Subsequetly, H.T. doled out the dollars, and JFK won / big time!

    So, my credentials as a bonefide democrat has been inherited, and well-established since my legal age to vote (oh, “perhaps” a few years earlier).

    Many years later, now thankfully doing what God would have me do, I just voted for John McCain. I returned home feeling like Judas. Thanks for your most-timely blog, Micah. I have just decided not to commit suicide after all.

    In His Grip & Grace,


  6. So this is really random and may sound crazy but I think you should run for president someday! I would vote for you! You have a great political mind and an excellent foundation of morals and beliefs (thanks to Jesus Christ). So what do you say…? 🙂

    If only you didn’t pick on us “little” people so much! LOL

  7. The funny thing is I have heard like 3 other people say the same thing about you! Merely a coincidence…hmmmm maybe or maybe not?

    And yep…any adult woman (or man for that matter) who commits to work in full time youth ministry can definitely be considered INSANE!

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