Don't "fear the bees"

As I was studying tonight, I was reading a journal that Tracy kept while we were in Africa. I came across a quote that I had to share. It was from an entry on August 3rd, 2002. We were working in the village of Habre. We were scheduled to have baptism there but due to a funeral (the largest event in their culture) almost everyone was gone. There were a few people there, however, and we went ahead and held a Bible study with about 15 people. We told the story of Stephen and stressed the need to stand for God, even if others want to kill you. One of the men in Habre who felt called to be a pastor really seemed to grasp the concept. He said, “If you want to eat the honey then don’t fear the bees.”

I was thinking about that statement, particularly in light of the persecution that the Dagara believers faced and I thought again about how his statement was not an empty one. Then I thought about our own lives and our own approach to the gospel and I wonder how many of us “fear the bees”? Beyond that, what are the “bees” that we fear? Finally, don’t you think if we truly understood just how good the “honey” of walking in intimacy with God is, we wouldn’t fear them nearly as much?

Makes you think, doesn’t it? 🙂

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

One thought on “Don't "fear the bees"

  1. When I read that statement my spirit ached. I know this is a topic of great importance to God. His goodness is so much greater than any persecution we can face and yet we still cower to the “stings” this world attacks us with.

    I don’t like to get onto racey topics but this one has me thinking. I immediately started thinking about our “seeker sensitive” churches. Afraid of offending believers and non believers alike they intentionally disregard the tough topics of the gospel such as sin and hell. Instead they preach the happy feel good God is Love topics that people want to hear. Not wanting a controversy they stick with what is happy and sunshiney. I don’t deny that these churches love God and desire to see people saved and lives changed. I know for a fact these people love Christ, that’s not the issue. I am just wondering how effective is a body of believers who come to church every week and sit in their comfortable pews, listening to a feel good sermon while sipping their latte’s? In the face of persecution can these believers stand? Or will they cave to their persecutors in the name of not wanting to be controversial? And how many of us fall into this comfortable westernized Christianity? Will we stand when the stings of persecution come our way?

    Our ultimate example comes from Christ. He offended people everywhere he went. Christ suffered the ultimate sting by enduring the cross. How much more should I be ready to endure the “stings” of this unbelieving world? My prayer is that in the face of persecution I can stand before my accusers and say with boldness “Jesus Lives”. I know I have a long way to go, I am far from being there but by the grace of God He will strengthen me.

    Thank you for that post. I am challenged.

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