6 thoughts on “Convention Sermon :: FBC Raytown, MO

  1. I’m glad I can just call you friend. If not, I’d have a real diliemna after watching this… I wouldn’t know whether to refer to you as the “Peanut Butter Preacher” or the “Possum Eatin’ Preacher”!

    All joking aside… great job, my friend. Great message.

  2. I didn’t get a chance to say anything to you during the convention but I thought you hit it out of the park. Great scripture, great exposition, great application, great message.

  3. Micah, Thank you for an outstanding presentation at the MBC. I knew you would allow God to speak through you and that you would give it you all… and you did! Keep serving and seeking God in every minute as I see you doing. Thank you for sharing with the state of MO and encouraging other ministers.

  4. Thank you Micah! I too am indebted to Dr. Tomlinson for showing the purpose and occasion of Philippians. When I have thought about the SBC and what is needed—my thoughts always go to the book of Philippians. If we could obey what the book is teaching, then there is hope. You did an excellent job by showing us how to encourage the SBC in their participation for the advancement of the gospel by focusing on a selfless mindset.

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