2 thoughts on “Comic Genius

  1. I saw a little piece on 60 minutes about Sudan. The guy they were interviewing was talking about the geoncide. The reporter said something like that “people did not know.” The guy said that in two years he will be there again and still people will say that “they just did not know.” It is time to make it a point to know and not forget instead of being oblivious to what is going on.

    What is more disturbing is that the Sudan leaders have information on Bin Laden so the US government will say that what they are doing is geoncide but still not really do anything about it.

    Check out the 60 minutes broadcast. I think it was an important thing to see. And I do not say that about many news programs.

  2. Oh and the cartoon is so true. I am offended at what Michael Vick did and I hate dog fighting. But I pray that I will always be outraged more by the injustice that happens to people around the world.


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