Well, it appears that John was right in his estimation of Dr. Mohler and his position on gene therapy, or the potential for genome therapy. I wrote, last week, about my frustration with what appeared to be Dr. Mohler’s position on this topic, particularly in relationship to homosexuality. Dr. Mohler wrote a new article today which clarified that what I read in the article I quoted was actually a misrepresentation of what Mohler actually stated. I’ve posted Dr. Mohler’s response to that point below and I’ve included a link to the entire article as well, if you would like to read it yourself. Let me state, for the record, that I appreciate Dr. Mohler’s clarification and I regret that I misunderstood his position.

5. Research into the human genome and the possibility of germ-line therapies raises all kinds of moral concerns, ranging from the creation of designer babies to the redefinition of humanity. In one article, I was said to advocate genetic therapies. I never said that, and I resolutely oppose such proposals. I would not advocate the use of genetic therapies to create heterosexual babies — or any other therapy of this type. The hypothetical question I addressed had nothing to do with genetic factors at all. Furthermore, genetic factors are likely to be so complex and inter-related that no single genetic factor or set of factors is likely to be found to cause anything as complex as sexual attraction.

Read the article, in its entirety, here.

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