Church Discipline on the rise?

Church Discipline is most certainly one of the plainest teachings in scripture that is, at the same time, almost universally ignored….or at least has been until recently….by much of the Southern Baptist Convention. Thankfully there seems to be a process of discipline restoration that is occurring across our denomination. Our church has practiced CD twice since I have been the pastor. It has taken us a while to get to the place where we were able to practice it and that the church would be willing to accept it. CD is a painful process that takes a great amount of teaching for the modern church to understand, and implement, it.

In our current series “ekklesia :: who, what, when, why…the church?” we will be addressing CD in detail in just a few weeks.

Baptist Press has issued a series of articles today outlining the rise of CD in the SBC and explaining the process and the benefit of engaging in it (apart from the simple fact that it is biblical). I would encourage you to take a look at these articles.

Church Discipline on the rise?

Gambling, Embezzling & Church Discipline

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