Overwhelmed & grateful

In 2001, while planning to graduate from college and go off to seminary, God changed our plans and redirected us to West Africa. As a newly married couple we set out for Burkina Faso to work among the Dagaara people, a people group who were predominantly unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We graduated,…Read more Overwhelmed & grateful

Discipline and drinking deeply

I remember sitting in class with Dr. Don Whitney at Midwestern Seminary, as a first semester Master of Divinity student, and listening as he taught on 1 Timothy 4:7 about the importance of disciplining yourself for godliness. His teaching impacted me greatly, particularly on the heels of reading, multiple times, Jerry Bridges classic book "The…Read more Discipline and drinking deeply

Is forgiveness a viable option for the justice system?

Connor McBride shot his fiance in the face. He immediately confessed, and turned himself in. Through a process called "Restorative Justice", discussed at length in this New York Times article, he received a much lighter sentence than usual as he, his family and the victim's family all three came together to offer apologies, and forgiveness.…Read more Is forgiveness a viable option for the justice system?