Celebrate, Pastor.

Pastor's, let's be honest, as much as difficulties in the church can often trouble us, we are naturally problem-solvers. Whether it's dissecting a biblical text, designing a discipleship strategy, helping unravel spiritual needs in a church member, or serving a family as they search for hope in the midst of grief, we like to approach…Read more Celebrate, Pastor.

SBC Panel Discussion on “Salvation and the Mission of God”

Sign Up Here! Does one’s belief on the extent of the atonement affect their understanding of mission and the offer of the gospel? Can two Christians disagree on soteriology and partner in ministry? Does the order of salvation affect how one does evangelism? When it comes to the theological particulars of salvation, what is the…Read more SBC Panel Discussion on “Salvation and the Mission of God”

Overwhelmed & grateful

In 2001, while planning to graduate from college and go off to seminary, God changed our plans and redirected us to West Africa. As a newly married couple we set out for Burkina Faso to work among the Dagaara people, a people group who were predominantly unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We graduated,…Read more Overwhelmed & grateful

Kindle Deal – The Insanity of God

Probably the most moving, impactful book I have read in a few years has been "The Insanity of God." Author Nik Ripken traveled around the globe interviewing members of the persecuted church and chronicling their stories, but before you get to that portion of the book, Ripken tells the story of his own experience as…Read more Kindle Deal – The Insanity of God

euangelion :: how should we communicate the gospel?

In my last post we asked the question, "What is the Gospel?" Although there was a bit of variation in our different opinions, it is obvious that we each have strongly held opinions that the gospel is something more than we often see it currently expressed in our churches. Joe Kennedy made a great point…Read more euangelion :: how should we communicate the gospel?