Celebrate, Pastor.

Pastor's, let's be honest, as much as difficulties in the church can often trouble us, we are naturally problem-solvers. Whether it's dissecting a biblical text, designing a discipleship strategy, helping unravel spiritual needs in a church member, or serving a family as they search for hope in the midst of grief, we like to approach…Read more Celebrate, Pastor.

The Seven Deadly Sins :: Pride

I am grateful for every opportunity provided to preach the word of God. I am more thankful for the times when I get to preach in front of our home church. I appreciate Jon Akin and his willingness to share the pulpit at Fairview Church with me on some regularity. Yesterday I preached the second…Read more The Seven Deadly Sins :: Pride

Equip, don’t enable

One of my great concerns for the church in America today is the consumer mentality that has become so pervasive. Unfortunately, in my experience, most pastors complain about it a lot but then unintentionally, or even intentionally, propagate that reality in their churches as, rather than equipping our people, we are enabling our people. Ephesians…Read more Equip, don’t enable

The shadow of secularization and the new dawn of the church

The sky is falling. Secularization is on the rise, or so it seems. Positions long held by Christians as central to our faith are now massively unpopular and Christians are increasingly marginalized because of it. What is more, there seems to be a growing movement away from identification with Christ and his church and towards…Read more The shadow of secularization and the new dawn of the church