Celebrate, Pastor.

Pastor's, let's be honest, as much as difficulties in the church can often trouble us, we are naturally problem-solvers. Whether it's dissecting a biblical text, designing a discipleship strategy, helping unravel spiritual needs in a church member, or serving a family as they search for hope in the midst of grief, we like to approach…Read more Celebrate, Pastor.

Overwhelmed & grateful

In 2001, while planning to graduate from college and go off to seminary, God changed our plans and redirected us to West Africa. As a newly married couple we set out for Burkina Faso to work among the Dagaara people, a people group who were predominantly unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We graduated,…Read more Overwhelmed & grateful

Common Loaf Baptists

Over the past two years I have come to love and respect David Rogers. David is a missionary in Spain where he has served for over 15 years. David and I agree substantially on a variety of issues with baptism being one of the more significant. David wrote and article today that can be found…Read more Common Loaf Baptists