Is the Cooperative Program worthy of Sacrifice?

Over the past few weeks I have spent some time writing about the Cooperative Program and the changes I think need to be forthcoming. I have long loved my Southern Baptist family, and have had a great appreciation for what we do as a convention, together. Last September my good friend Nathan Finn and I…Read more Is the Cooperative Program worthy of Sacrifice?

Can she ever run again?

Can the Cooperative Program decline be fixed? In my previous article about the Cooperative Program (CP), I suggested that current methods of CP promotion were insufficient and, in fact, counterintuitive, leading to increased demise in support for the CP, rather than the intended increase. Evidence of this seems to be ample, particularly as CP giving…Read more Can she ever run again?

Do not give to the Cooperative Program

Do not, under any circumstances, give your money to the Cooperative Program (CP). Seriously. I mean it. To many, I guess, this might that seem odd since Frederick Boulevard, the church I pastor gives 8% of our undesignated receipts through the Cooperative Program. Ahhh, but there is the difference. Giving TO the CP, I think, is…Read more Do not give to the Cooperative Program

The next generation & denominational life

For the past year I have had the privilege of serving as an officer of the Missouri Baptist Convention (MBC). While serving in this role, I often hear people ask, “How do we get younger people to serve in our convention’s life.” It is an excellent, and important question. There is a pervasive and understandable…Read more The next generation & denominational life

Multi-site Mistake?

  This article was first posted at It is the first installment of a multi-person discussion on the value of multi-site church development.  Multisite Mistake? The current trend among fast growing, effective churches, is to multiply their efforts through the establishment of multiple campuses. The expansion of multi-site churches has moved from the realm…Read more Multi-site Mistake?