The Seven Deadly Sins :: Pride

I am grateful for every opportunity provided to preach the word of God. I am more thankful for the times when I get to preach in front of our home church. I appreciate Jon Akin and his willingness to share the pulpit at Fairview Church with me on some regularity. Yesterday I preached the second…Read more The Seven Deadly Sins :: Pride

Christ-Centered Preaching :: Audio

At this year's SBC one of the highlights was a breakfast panel featuring a dialogue about the hermeneutic of Christ-centered teaching and preaching. The breakfast was completely full which would suggest that people think this is a significant issue. The breakfast was sponsored by The Gospel Project, and I'm thankful for TGP's investment in bringing…Read more Christ-Centered Preaching :: Audio

Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching Panel

At this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Houston The Gospel Project is hosting a discussion panel on Christ-Centered Preaching and Teaching. Ed Stetzer will moderate the panel with Trevin Wax, Eric Hankins, and Jon Akin. We are working with several publishers to give each attendee free resources on Christ-Centered preaching and teaching. There will also be a free breakfast.…Read more Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching Panel

Ron Swanson and the call of the gospel

I love Ron Swanson. For the uninitiated, Ron is a character off the NBC show Parks and Recreation. I do not think there is a funnier character on tv than Swanson. He is a man's man. He loves steak, potatoes and small government - and he cracks me up almost every time. Recently I was watching…Read more Ron Swanson and the call of the gospel