forever by Kari Jobe

Alright friends, Easter is soon to be here and we will see burgeoning attendance, as we always do in our churches around Easter and Christmas. We will gather together, worship God en masse, and celebrate Christ's resurrection from the dead. Thankfully, for those who have trusted Christ, every Sunday is a Resurrection Sunday, but special…Read more forever by Kari Jobe

Overwhelmed & grateful

In 2001, while planning to graduate from college and go off to seminary, God changed our plans and redirected us to West Africa. As a newly married couple we set out for Burkina Faso to work among the Dagaara people, a people group who were predominantly unreached by the gospel of Jesus Christ. We graduated,…Read more Overwhelmed & grateful

SBC Calvinism Advisory Committee Report

Although Calvinism and non-Calvinism have shared a home together in the SBC since her founding, in recent years this specific theological issue has been a particularly contentious one that has threatened to fracture our cooperative Great Commission relationships. In response to that, Dr. Frank Page, President & CEO of the Executive Committee of the SBC,…Read more SBC Calvinism Advisory Committee Report

Equip, don’t enable

One of my great concerns for the church in America today is the consumer mentality that has become so pervasive. Unfortunately, in my experience, most pastors complain about it a lot but then unintentionally, or even intentionally, propagate that reality in their churches as, rather than equipping our people, we are enabling our people. Ephesians…Read more Equip, don’t enable

Kindle Deal – The Insanity of God

Probably the most moving, impactful book I have read in a few years has been "The Insanity of God." Author Nik Ripken traveled around the globe interviewing members of the persecuted church and chronicling their stories, but before you get to that portion of the book, Ripken tells the story of his own experience as…Read more Kindle Deal – The Insanity of God

Discipline and drinking deeply

I remember sitting in class with Dr. Don Whitney at Midwestern Seminary, as a first semester Master of Divinity student, and listening as he taught on 1 Timothy 4:7 about the importance of disciplining yourself for godliness. His teaching impacted me greatly, particularly on the heels of reading, multiple times, Jerry Bridges classic book "The…Read more Discipline and drinking deeply