An exciting change for the Fries family

Earlier tonight the Pastor Search Team from Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN shared with their church that they have invited me to preach in view of a call as their next Senior Pastor

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. If you are surprised by this transition in our life, you wouldn't be alone. We have been surprised and…Read more An exciting change for the Fries family

Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching Panel

At this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Houston The Gospel Project is hosting a discussion panel on Christ-Centered Preaching and Teaching. Ed Stetzer will moderate the panel with Trevin Wax, Eric Hankins, and Jon Akin. We are working with several publishers to give each attendee free resources on Christ-Centered preaching and teaching. There will also be a free breakfast.…Read more Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching Panel

Go to Exponential…for free…from home

Thanks to the good folks at LifeWay, I have two free registrations for the simulcast of Exponential 2012. Exponential as an inspiring vision "To see an expanding number of movements of healthy reproducing faith communities". Featuring one of the most significant Christian conferences offered on an annual basis, this year's Exponential featured speakers like Wayne…Read more Go to Exponential…for free…from home