Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching Panel

At this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in Houston The Gospel Project is hosting a discussion panel on Christ-Centered Preaching and Teaching. Ed Stetzer will moderate the panel with Trevin Wax, Eric Hankins, and Jon Akin. We are working with several publishers to give each attendee free resources on Christ-Centered preaching and teaching. There will also be a free breakfast.…Read more Christ-Centered Preaching & Teaching Panel

Does Love Win? Or is that even the question?

Recently Rob Bell wrote a book that has generated significant publicity and much controversy. The book, "Love Wins: A Book about Heaven, Hell and the fate of every person who ever lived". While I haven't written much about it, I have been asked a fair amount of questions about it. Recently Adrian Warnock was able…Read more Does Love Win? Or is that even the question?