Kindle Deal – The Insanity of God

Probably the most moving, impactful book I have read in a few years has been "The Insanity of God." Author Nik Ripken traveled around the globe interviewing members of the persecuted church and chronicling their stories, but before you get to that portion of the book, Ripken tells the story of his own experience as…Read more Kindle Deal – The Insanity of God

Voting & the Kingdom of God

Four years ago I prepared to go to the polls and vote, and before leaving, I wrote the following article. In light of today's election, it seemed appropriate to repost the article. I hope you find encouragement in it. _________________________________________________________________________ I’m getting ready to head to the polls where I will place my vote in…Read more Voting & the Kingdom of God

Can she ever run again?

Can the Cooperative Program decline be fixed? In my previous article about the Cooperative Program (CP), I suggested that current methods of CP promotion were insufficient and, in fact, counterintuitive, leading to increased demise in support for the CP, rather than the intended increase. Evidence of this seems to be ample, particularly as CP giving…Read more Can she ever run again?

The church in response to 9/11

The response of the church towards those who attacked America on 9/11, particularly the radical, Muslim extremists, must be grounded in Luke 6, particularly verses 21-36. The message of the Sermon on the Mount is a counter cultural call to love those who most vehemently hate us, and who even attack us. The response of…Read more The church in response to 9/11