Christianity unknown?

According to a new research project released by Gordon-Conwell's Center for the study of Global Christianity, approximately 20% of non-Christian North Americans do not personally know a single Christian. Read that again. Slowly. We live in America, the land of the free and the home of the brave; the country where Christianity has often been…Read more Christianity unknown?

Kindle Deal – The Insanity of God

Probably the most moving, impactful book I have read in a few years has been "The Insanity of God." Author Nik Ripken traveled around the globe interviewing members of the persecuted church and chronicling their stories, but before you get to that portion of the book, Ripken tells the story of his own experience as…Read more Kindle Deal – The Insanity of God

Ending Slavery, in this Generation

Recently I wrote a post dealing with the issue of human trafficking/slavery and the need for the church to become a part of the solution. This issue continues to grow in prominence, and thankfully, seems to be particularly important to emerging generations. Along those lines, CNN recently released a report on the Passion 2013 Conference…Read more Ending Slavery, in this Generation

Books that Inspire – Spiritual Formation

I love to read. There are few things that shape the human race more than the influence of good writing. This has been true in my life in significant ways. Specifically in relationship to my spiritual formation, I can think of four books that have challenged me, encouraged me, shaped me and helped create who…Read more Books that Inspire – Spiritual Formation