Are you kidding me?

Also known as bad theology captured on tape. If you’ve ever wanted to see a good example of bad theology, this from a recent meeting in Lakeland, FL is a perfect example of theology run amok.


Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

25 thoughts on “Are you kidding me?

  1. Micah,

    Isn’t this the guy you said you invited to Frederick Boulevard this fall for revival? I though he looked familiar from promo flyer you sent me awhile back.

    Jason 🙂

  2. That’s really sad. I’ve witnessed similar activities in settings overseas as well. Unfortunately, this type of aberration and spiritual abuse will also serve to provide ammunition for those who label all charismatics as extreme and unbiblical.

  3. I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the entire video and the flashy website isn’t any better. This is why we need to stop the in-fighting within the SBC and confront bad theology with a winsome Spirit. Keep your swords sharp brethren and discern wisely.

  4. Unreal! I felt like I was listening to a recap of an episode of WWE! What happens if you don’t get healed? Is the Spirit going to tell him to put you in a figure four? Who were his theology teachers? Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair?

  5. I was watching and thought, You’ve got to be kidding me! Oh yeah, Micah already said that. I couldn’t watch it all the way to the end either. What’s really scary is the people in the congregation clapping and whooping. Maybe the Hulk needs to pay this guy a visit?

  6. May be real, but it’s definitely been cut to take out a lot of what he said in between stories… but what inappropriate humor, if he’s trying to make a point about those nuts.

    If I ever meet the guy and he starts looking at me like, “Faith came on me and the Lord said I should leg-drop you,” I’m probably going to kick him in the nuts. The Lord said it was okay. =P

  7. Wow… I was just talking to my youth about knowing how God speaks. I asked them what would you say if i told you that God wants you to give me your money, how could you refute that. seriously bad theology, and even scarier that so many follow it. I seriously hope it’s one of those videos that have been edited to say something that they didn’t really say… doesn’t look like it though. I don’t know about you but I find it hard to bring up kicking someone in the face in a sermon. But i guess when you have the freedom in worship to legdrop the Pastor… who knows. 🙂

  8. I’ve seen indications that he is a former assistant to none other than Benny Hinn himself. I suspect Mr. Hinn is working to further his personal empire, but perhaps that’s inappropriate of me to say, but I just can’t bring myself to see the hand of God in what Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley do. Entertainment for some, serious stuff for others. “The real power of God” to many. Shock evangelism.

    Discernment is critical. Stay far far far away from this young man.

    As best I understand, this is, while edited, totally real. The YouTube clips of the services are just as bizarre.

  9. Sad. I actually have a very good friend who went to “study” with this guy. This sample is pretty typical of Bentley.

  10. Well, this is what will happen if any missionaries hit the field with a private prayer language. The next thing you know, they’ll be leg dropping people.


    This is truly unreal. But, I have seen this type of thing before. The congregation is so in line with the idea that “God told me . . .” that they have no discernment left. They don’t even know what the Bible says about things. It’s really sad, but we should not be too proud. I’ve seen a lot of Southern Baptist pastors say some crazy junk that the congregation just ate up because they don’t know the Word. It happens everywhere. Although, this is rather extreme.

  11. Pastors in a lot of churches have to be really careful that they don’t base their doctrine on what the people “respond best to”, simply because there are a lot of confused and uncertain people.

  12. When you mentioned this in last weeks service I had no idea that it would be this outrageous. I can’t believe this is actually being taught.

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