5 thoughts on “another reason to hate the cold weather

  1. You must spend an inordinate amount of time scanning “useless” information. However, the “Ice Man Video” was certainly worth the effort. One of the funniest I’ve seen.

    However, having lived in Minnesota for several years (and you in Wisconsin), this could have never happened to us (save the clearing-off of the door on the drivers’ side to gain access to the vehicle. We start ‘er up, turn on the heater & defroster to high, hit the rear window defogger, then head back in for another cup of joe. We return in 30 minutes and most of the hard work is done!

    “Back in the day,” I had a personal clipping service that pulled and copied for me (no fax yet) any article relative to chicken Nationwide. But you can’t give them such an assignment relative to humor, because there are just too many categories of what’s funny.
    It’s way to subjective for them to touch.

    In light of this, there must be many that stand with me in amazement of how iyou find any time to compose a sermon! But you do. And you do it well. And many of us are thankful.


  2. See Reggie, I basically have a clipping service as well. I use a blog reader which automatically updates minute-by-minute and I just go to one site and read around 100 blogs a day. It takes me 30 minutes a day or so and I get incredible amounts of information fed to me.

    It’s all about using technology to gain as many advantages as possible.

  3. Micah,

    I’ve got another one for you to add to your reader. They are independent missionaries to Haiti. It’s always worth a read.


    I use a reader too. There are many to choose from, but I like google reader because you can add a “next” button to your firefox browser and just click on to the next post, next blog!! Love it.


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