A dog of any other color, is still a dog…


God has taught me much, lately, about the idea of humility. Really, more than humility, He has been teaching me much about the idea of authentically recognizing just who exactly I am. In other words, I’m not much, just as He is much, and I need to recognize that in order to serve Him with humility.

I think Paul understood this concept. In the latter part of his ministry, Paul told Timothy that he was the chief of all sinners. In my own opinion, Paul wasn’t any more sinful at this point than earlier in his life and ministry, but rather he was closer than ever to God which made him that much more aware of his own humanity.

Today while listening to an Adrian Rogers message on the Beatitudes, Dr. Rogers made a tremendous point that I had not been aware of previously. In the story of the Syro-Phoenecian women (Mark 7:24-30) the woman approached Jesus and requested help for her daughter who was demon possessed. Jesus responded with a great amount of curtness and actually referred to her as a dog. In the Greek, the word used in the passage, by Jesus, for dog, refers to a lapdog, or family housedog. The woman’s reply back to Jesus, is startling and invokes an immediate response of compassion from Jesus. Rather than be offended by Jesus’ statement to her, she agrees with him. She goes on to call herself a dog, but she does so with much more force. She actually uses a word for dog that refers to a mangy mongrel. When Jesus notices her brokenness He is moved to response.

**After being approached by a good friend, I’ve done further study and I have been unable to find the separate words for dog found in this passage. In my study, the same word was used in both instances (kunarion) . While my study may be inaccurate, this does not change the jist of my post that God desires brokenness. **

As we continue to look through the biblical record, we see this pattern over and over again. From Isaiah in Isaiah 6, to Peter as the cock crows. God loves brokenness.

So, what has God been teaching you lately?

Micah is a husband to Tracy & a daddy to Grace, Kessed & Haddon. He’s Senior Pastor at Brainerd Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN. Most of all, he’s a debtor to grace.

14 thoughts on “A dog of any other color, is still a dog…

  1. I’ve learned a lot about his sovereign will, and to pray and leave the details up to him. I’ve had a couple of good lessons this past week about how He answers prayer, but the answer might not come in the way we are looking for it.

  2. I can’t get past Luke 17:10, which tells me that my attitude should be that of an unworthy servant, merely doing my duty. I believe that, wholheartedly. Having been a very insecure child, I’ve always kind of felt that way anyway.

    But at least I’m in good company. He originally said it to guys who had walked on water, and to whom He’d given authority over sickess.

  3. I figure I brought pond scum to my first meeting with Jesus, and anything I have now, that’s not pond scum, must belong to Him. I’m just a steward, and we know what happens to poor stewards. Or ones who forget Whose the gifts are.

  4. God has shown me that encouragement is sorely lacking in our day. So I want to encourage you, Micah. We have never met, yet, but your comments I find generally to be far above the middle school level rhetoric that makes me want to cut off my pc and go live in Tibet sometimes :-). I appreciate your genuine desire I sense to honor the Lord.

  5. Dr. Reid-

    Your encouragement is greatly appreciated! If you ever decide to make the Tibetan move, let me know and we’ll do some church planting together! 🙂


  6. Your post on the passage caused me to revisit it more than once. I’d never really understood it, but I think God shed a little light.

    We want to be like Apostles, jostling for the good seats at the table. The lady in this story says she doesn’t need to be there .. she doesn’t need the full dose of all that stuff .. she knows that Jesus is so powerful that just the crumbs that fall from the table are enough to fix her kid. And that’s all she asked for.

    Jesus was right. That really was amazing, and exceedingly humble, faith.

  7. The earthquake here clearly evinced (1) the sovereignty of God; (2) the power of God; (3) the grace of God; and (4) the fact that we can’t even depend on the ground under our feet; we can depend on Him alone. In all the anxiety resulting from the experience, those lessons helped me find peace.

  8. Bob-

    Those are tremendous insights. I’m afraid I’m more of a “table jockey” than I am humble & contrite. Thanks for the words.


    I’m thankful that God preserved you in the giant shake-up. It’s also good to experience His grace in times like that, isn’t it?

  9. Hey Micah:
    I guess I could email you but i just have a second so…I may have told you, but I am preaching in MIzzou in January at the evangelism conference. If you come there I would love to sit down and visit. I actually want to meet bloggers in the rw when I can!

  10. Dr. Reid-

    I would like to try and be there in January. I’m not positive if I will, though. Being bi-vocational makes time off a little more intricate. Springfield is about 3 hours away so we’ll have to see.

    If I’m there it would be my privilege to spend some time with you! I’ll let you know when I know for sure.

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